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Monday, March 3, 2008

Astonishing eBook!

While I was in China I saw a huge billboard poster and add with excepts about "A BEAST IN PARADISE," by Jess Symlar. Almost everyone that I meet, is either reading the book or talking about it. The book is stylish, high tech, realistic and extremely visual. It takes place in the near future, but moves meticulously on a journey between the past, present and future. The story is told in first person, through the eyes of the protagonist and

main character, Dr. Jerome Hendricks. What is discovered while journeying through the world of Dr. Hendricks, is that treating his patients from a deadly disease called symbionic withdrawal, is being caused by the misuse of a banned symbionic chip. His investigation reveals that this lethal and addictive chip is based on an ancient science, which enabled the early alchemists to use over 90 percent of their minds to accomplish unbelievable deeds. It doesn’t take long before Hendricks determines that the chips are being illegally distributed by a powerful conspiracy. The stakes are high and only members of a secret society known as the Disciples of Sef can interpret the shrouded messages, which can neutralize the mental effects of the chips. This prompts Hendricks to write a best-selling book about it, which describes symbionic psychology as the cure for symbionic withdrawal. As a result, he becomes a threat to Eric Krill a wealthy businessman who seeks to distribute symbionic chips to control powerful people. In order to stop Krill, Hendricks enlists the help of Dr. Deborah Hilter who is an expert biotechnologist and a member of the Disciples of Sef. Together they divise a plan and embark on a mission to prevent the illegal mass distribution of symbionic chips worldwide. Since the book is written in first person, it creates an engaging effect, based on an array of clues and clarity, which appeals to the senses and keeps the reader interested and willing to go forward to know what will be the final outcome.